Namibian nights
Reminding the modern humans of the untouched nature’s beauty


I chose to represent the Namib desert, a corner of the Earth which has managed to stay almost untouched by the humans, keeping its original aspect. This creative route uses the image of a natural landscape, lacking building and other signs of human civilization , that impresses the viewer with the authenticity of a naked body without any adornments.

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

Namib Desert, on the Atlantic coast of Angola, Namibia and South Africa

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Namib desert is a seemingly alien landscape, with the highest sand dunes in the world. Here, the sand has the most astonishing colors, from yellow to orange and even pink. I wanted to convey this chromatic richness, a real treasure for the soul of the visitor. I used this pair of complementary colors, orange and blue, as symbols of the hot days and shivering cold nights that together maintain the desert. I opted for a night landscape because it creates a more dramatic effect on the viewer.

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Hi, I'm Paula, I'm from Constanta, Romania and I’m looking forward to the Places of the World project because it reminds you of the places you've seen and loved, or of the ones that you intend to visit.

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