This design shows a scenery of Egypt and its pyramids.


At front of the knife you can see the Giza Necropolis in a summer scenery, which are the typical landmark of Egypt, designed with very warm and light colours to get a desert effect. At the back of the knife we wanted to incorporate the typical hieroglyphs which Egypt also is well known for. The special thing about this design is that we've created a hieroglyphics font that says „Victorinox“ in a light brown colour. Those hieroglyphs are 100% fictional.

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We‘ve chosen the Nekropole of Gizeh because this pyramyds are a typical landmark and also one auf the most significant burial sites in Egypt.

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Hi! This is SQUIRREL GRAPHICS from Münster, Germany. We are a design agency with a team of graphic specialists and we thought this could be a very nice pitch as product and packaging design is our main work.

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