Venice Beach, CA
Swiss design meets Californian beach vibe


This spring I was lucky enough to befriend a couple of people from Los Angeles. In combination with my passion for all sports that includes a board, they inspired me to illustrate a famous American spot: Venice Beach.

Venice is more than a place. More than another sunshiny beach. It is a certain mood or atmosphere and in a way, it seems like the epitome of an American “wonderland”.

Caught in a weightless, mid-air moment it is as if the skater of the picture reaches for the knife. The green palm emphasizes the red logo forming a complementary contrast. To keep a clear and iconic style most of the assets for the illustration started as cardboard cutouts, which I scanned and edited. The smooth shapes of the skateboard and clouds is allusions to the shape of the knife itself making product and illustration become one. This is the Californian spirit united with the classic Swiss pocketknife.

Apart from the skater culture, the Venice boardwalk is also famous for its beach basketball courts and its landmark, the Venice Sign. The illustration of the sign is not a direct reproduction not to harm the trademark registration – divided to fit the format it forms a more exciting graphic while still being recognizable.

This is for the wild ones, the surfers and skaters, the beach boys and mermaids, the adrenaline seekers and chill pioneers, party people and pocket knife aficionados. This is for the free and colorful. This is for the explorers: Put a piece of the Californian beach vibe in your pocket.

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Venice, Los Angeles, California

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Portraying the famous Venice Beach half an hour south-west of Los Angeles, California, the knife tells the story of the laid back but lively and colorful setting around the boardwalk. The front side design is a bold and contemporary depiction of the iconic skateboard grounds and palm trees in warm and vibrant colors associated with freedom and a bit of the sixties’ wildness.

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Hey! I’m a Copenhagen based art director and multidisciplinary designer. I like sunshine and I thought people would be happy if they could carry a piece of the Californian sun in their pocket. This version of the Swiss Army Knife 2018 should inspire wanderlust and cheerfulness.

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Yes! (Font used on slide one: "Gotham Black")