Graffiti on the West Berlin side, on the East Berlin side the white painted concrete wall.


The former inner-German border between the West (old Federal Republic) and East Germany (GDR) can be distinguished from the Berlin Wall. Today the Berlin Wall is still a landmark in Berlin. Everyone who was in Berlin knows the wall, so a great memory of the place.

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Berlin. Berlin Wall.

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The Berlin Wall was opened on the evening of 9 November 1989 in the wake of the political change. This was carried out under the growing pressure of the more freedom-demanding GDR population. The fall of the Wall paved the way, which within one year led to the collapse of the SED dictatorship, to the dissolution of the GDR, and at the same time to the unity of Germany.

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Louis Victor studied at the University of Appliance Science in Münster. He founded the design agency VRS Münster in 2010. This has worked for well-known companies in Germany. In 2012, he completed the Master of Design in addition to his independence. A successful graphic designer and proud dad;)

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