China- the old and the new
The fascinating place where the old and the new come together for a unique result.


China is changing. Not as quickly as some people think, but more quickly than most could have imagined. The skylines of most major cities changed the way people live and are dictating new lifestyles compared to more quiet places like the countryside where time seems to have stopped.

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Understanding the old and honoring tradition and cultural values is one of the most important things people should strive to do. Technology and evolution helps us find the way to protect our values, so the old and the new could fit together. China is the perfect example of fast change, evolution, but in the same time tradition.

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My name is Tina Szekely and i am an architect and graphic designer with big dreams and a passion for beautiful things. I get my inspiration from nature and with everything i do i try to bring a smile on the faces of whoever may see my works

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