Embracing the beauty of Moai


The idea behind this graphic design piece is to inform viewers all over the world how within centuries ago, civilization was able to communicate art in such a minimalistic way in which little tools were used to create these 1000 statues, up to 86 tons tons in weight and 10 m in height. Uniquely enough, the medium to create these stages were from the volcano Rano Raraku.

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Chile's Rapa Nui National Park, or Easter Island.Easter Island’s silent stone figures are a monument to the seafaring skills and unique culture of ancient Polynesian peoples.

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I have chosen this location as a visual to share a powerful story of one of the most famous statues in history created with the idea of minimalism. The tools used by the Rapa Nui are called toki, they were sharp picks made out of basalt, a hard volcanic rock. The largest finished statue reaches more than 30 feet or 9.14 meters and the smallest 6 feet or 1.80 meters. knowing this fact, it is a phenomenal piece of art to create a sculpture so large using nothing else but a sharp pick called toki.

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Hi! My name is Ornella and I am 22 years old. I live in Warren, Michigan. I’ve been working here as a designer for 1 year. I created this design for Victorinox because I think Moai is such a remarkable place known for its beautifully, large sculptures. I think these sculptures represent a powerful symbol of artistic drive in which artists use minimalism as a process and inspires artists to strive to create without any limitations despite limited resources available, especially during that time.

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Many of the Moai on Easter Island had red stone crowns pukau placed on their heads. These topknots were carvings from a quarry known as Puna Pau. It appears that the pukau indicated special status, red being a sacred color in Polynesia. The style and sizes of the Moai statues evolved over time, just as one sees in archaic Greek statues that evolved into the perfect classic sculpture. And as their technique evolved, the islanders found they could make them larger and more stylized.

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