Streets of Skiathos
Alleys and houses of Skiathos, with blue shutters and white walls


Exploration, nature, running away from worries, summer, frappe, beaches, sun and the intense blue sea; this is what Greece usually stands for in my book. Being from Romania, Greece is the closest piece of heaven we run to during the hot summer time. This is a depiction of the actual feeling of the town of Skiathos, a little one on the island of the same name. It may be small, but it packs a cultural punch: it's what I've always pictured Greece looks like. The white houses, the dark intense Greek blue, flowers everywhere, red rocks, blue skies and sea. Travelers are always welcome, it feels, and the atmosphere is joyful and relaxed. Nobody is in a hurry. Midday is that time when everyone hides from the scorching heat, and this is the time I chose to depict. Only cats roam the streets that wind up and down the island, in the sea of orange ceramic tiles and blue shutters.

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Skiathos on the island of Skiathos, in Greece

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The summery feeling of a Greek town is hard to surpass, and this way it stick to your mind and heart, associating it always with relaxation, vacation, afternoon naps, and pure blissful laziness. The whole region invites you to get lost both in nature and the small winding streets, always fun to explore. Make a quick stop for a cold frappe and you're set!

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Hi, I'm Raluca, a visual designer and illustrator who has a lot of fun doodling and showing a brighter side of life.

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Yes, this is my original work

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