Alice Springs Desert Park - Australia
Alice Springs of Australia


My design is about the center of Australias most iconic symbols of the outback environment Mostly I am amazed by it.

The Alice Springs Desert Park is an environmental education facility in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. The park contains native animals and plants representative of central Australian desert environments, and contributes to their conservation through research programs as well as through public education. It offers people the opportunity to experience the variety of the deserts of central Australia, exploring the inter-relationships between the plants, animals and people.

I have used a plant called Honey grevillea which is called Kaliny-kalinypa, an animal the Red kangaroo whom is called Malu and a bird Orange Chat which you can find in the area.

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Central Australia

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My design is about the Alice Springs Desert Park of Australia.

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I am a Sri Lankan recently moved to Sydney Australia working as Graphic Designer. Enjoying the new change and looking for adventure.

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Sri Lanka

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