This is a story about Peace and Beauty. Trypillya village, Ukraine
Trypillia – Place where you can move to 7500 years ago. This is a story about Peace and Beauty.


Trypillia – Place where you can move to 7500 years ago.

Long before famous Egypt Pyramids were built the Trypillians had a notion about cities (occasionally gigantic ones). The Trypillian civilization appeared 7500 years ago around 5400 B.C. and existed till about 2750 B.C. The inhabitants were involved with animal husbandry, agriculture, fishing, gathering аnd created incredible beauty ceramics.

Some of their settlements from around five thousand years ago are considered to be the largest in their time. For example, in Talyanky (in present-day Ukraine) the burned ruins of 3 000 houses were discovered which gave home to approx. 15000 people! Before building a new “city”, the previous one was burned down, together with utensils and ritual/decorative objects. The Trypillian homes were built as part of radial shaped streets with a square in the center. They had two or three storeys and were built of wood, where living quarters were separated from utility rooms.

From the artefacts found, it seems that women had the leading role in the Trypillian communities. They headed the households, did agricultural work, and manufactured pottery, textiles and clothing. Their religious belief was based on the Great Goddess. Men probably kept domesticated animals and prepared tools. Practically no weapons were found among Trypillian artefacts, which might be the reflection of the fact that these people were quite peaceful. Slavery in their society has not been discovered, either.

The tangible beauty of the Trypillian culture lies in the pottery and clay sculptures which have already been excavated in great numbers. Some artists and also historians, believe that: “…the Trypillian culture did not just disappear, it lives in Ukraine in the form of patterns and designs that you find in embroideries, painted Easter eggs or decorative elements …”.

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Trypillya village, Ukraine

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Trypillia – Place where you can move to 7500 years ago. This place tells us about the ancient civilization and people which did not need weapons and who knew how to create a unique pottery, with incredible beauty of ornaments. The magnificent beauty of graphics that has survived to this day has pushed me to tell about this culture (and visual culture). This is a story about Peace and Beauty. This is really a unique place about which very few people know.

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