Netherlands - Kinderdijk & Rijksmuseum
Journey in Netherlands.


Carry a little piece of Netherlands in your pocket.

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

Netherlands. Kinderdijk & Rijksmuseum.

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I've chosen to illustrate two iconic places from Netherlands, the mills of Kinderdijk and Rijksmuseum, because of their popularity, importance and colorful presence. I've never been in Netherlands but if it is something that I would like to take with me in my pocket, those are the places.

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Hi! I'm Ana, a graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania. I'm 25. I’ve been working as a designer for 3 years. I created this design for Victorinox because I think that Netherlands is a beautiful country to illustrate and it will always be an attraction for tourists around the world. Why not carrying a piece of Netherlands with you along with the iconic Switzerland’s knife? :)

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