Mexican Duality (Dualidad)
The piece describes the duality of the Mexicanculture that combines the Indigenous with the European


The image shows an Eagle being surrounded by a two-headed serpent that contains primordial elements of my country's culture such as passion, food, natural resources and folk art. It is a character who summarizes the symbols of Mexicanness as the national coat of arms and patriotic colors. Likewise, the fund expresses the union of the European culture with the Prehispanic that united have given a wealth in the contemporary Mexican culture. It combines several expressions of ancient Mexican peoples with modern elements. It is influenced in the old codices and in the murals located in Teotihuacan, Malinalco, Mitla and Tenochtitlan, which are very well known worldwide for their majesty. It was an excellent idea to translate this piece into an object of worship as is the famous Victorinox knife. I hope to take a small but powerful part of my culture to other parts of the world.

(La imagen muestra a un ser Águila rodeado de una serpiente bicéfala que contiene en sus manos elemento primordiales de la cultura de mi país como la pasión, la alimentación, los recursos naturales y el arte popular. Es un personaje que resume los símbolos de la mexicanidad como el escudo nacional y los colores patrios. Así mismo, el fondo expresa la unión de la cultura Europea con la Prehispánica que unidos han dado una riqueza en la cultura mexicana contemporánea. Combina varias expresiones de los pueblos antiguos mexicanos con elementos modernos. Está influenciada en los antiguos códices y en los murales ubicados en Teotihuacan, Malinalco, Mitla y Tenochtitlan, los cuales son muy conocidos a nivel mundial por su majestuosidad. Fue una excelente idea plasmar esta pieza en un objeto de culto como lo es la famosa navaja Victorinox. Espero llevar un pequeña pero poderosa parte de mi cultura a otras latitudes del mundo.)

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

Teotihuacan (State of Mexico), Malinalco (State of Mexico), Mitla (Oaxaca), Talavera (Puebla) and Tenochtitlan (CDMX).

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Culturally speaking, Mexico is one of the most important destinations worldwide with a huge variety of natural and architectural sites to visit. This is due to the diversity of climates that have the territory, which over time have created a great offer for national and international tourism. Come on! They really will not regret it. The story that tells my proposal is that of a country that has grown half Indigenous / half European .

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Visual Artist, Architect and Scenographer passionate about the design, culture of my country and the world.

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