Mexican Harmonic Fusion (Fusión Armónica)
Fusion between the old, the contemporary, the culture, the popular, the indigenous and the European.


The image shows at the front the monument that commemorates our independence next to a new-Hispanic church, topped by the Latin American Tower, icon of the Mexican modernity of the last century. Three different periods in Mexico that are harmoniously mixed by a background tapestry showing prehispanic greens of Oaxaca. In the back are three iconic elements of Mexican architecture: The Pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacán, the monument or Stone of the Sun and the Cathedral of Mexico, mixed and illustrated with the aesthetics of the famous Talavera poblana that in itself, is a Fusion of indigenous and European techniques. To understand a contemporary Mexico is to undoubtedly merge these three periods of our history.

(La imagen muestra por la parte delantera el monumento que conmemora nuestra independencia junto a una iglesia novohispana, rematado por la Torre Latinoamericana, ícono de la modernidad mexicana del siglo pasado. Tres diferentes épocas en México que se encuentran mezclados de manera armónica por un tapiz de fondo que muestra grecas prehispánicas de Oaxaca. En la parte trasera se encuentran tres elementos icónicos de la arquitectura mexicana: La Pirámide del Sol de Teotihuacán, El monumento o Piedra del Sol y la Catedral de México, mezclados e ilustrados con la estética de la famosa Talavera poblana que en sí, es una fusión de las técnicas indígenas con las europeas. Entender un México contemporáneo es fusionar indiscutiblemente estos tres periodos de nuestra historia.)

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Mexico City, Teotihuacan (State of Mexico), Mitla (Oaxaca) and Talavera (Puebla).

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Culturally speaking, Mexico is one of the most important destinations worldwide with a huge variety of natural and architectural sites to visit. This is due to the diversity of climates that have the territory, which over time have created a great offer for national and international tourism. Come on! They really will NOT regret it. The story that tells my proposal is the beauty that can arise when mixing several important cultures.

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Visual Artist, Architect and Scenographer passionate about the design, culture of my country and the world.

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