Rainbow Mountains - China
Here you see an abstract version of the colorful rainbow mountains in Zhangye-Danxia-Geopark, China.


The Rainbow Mountains of china are the worlds "paint palette". This beautiful rocks in Zhangye (China) look as if they were painted. The colourful mountains were created about 24 million years ago. There were different sandstones and mineral layers put like a layered cake on top of each other. Not many people know this place, but it's very extraordinary and beautiful.

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The Rainbow Mountains - Zhangye-Danxia-Geopark - China

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We chose this extraordinary landmark because no landscape seems so colourful and artistic. We wanted to reflect this artistic impression in our design by means of the visual appearance of the drawing system. The combination of many colors makes sure that there is an unique and friendly appearance. The simplified representation of the mountains is proper for the small knife size and creates a distinctive style.

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Hi! This is SQUIRREL GRAPHICS from Münster, Germany. We are a design agency with a team of graphic specialists and we thought this could be a very nice pitch as product and packaging design is our main work.

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