Val Lumnezia, Switzerland (GR)
My idea was to create a winter-scenery of Val Lumnezia by night, a beautiful valley in Graubünden.


With my design I want to show the beauty of the mountains and draw attention to our beautiful valley. Not many people know “Val Lumnezia” but I’m sure the ones who know it are impressed and in love, so am I. It has many small villages and everybody knows each other, it’s really familiar. We are a small folk surrounded by big mountains.

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Val Lumnezia, Graubünden (Switzerland)

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I love the scenery of this beautiful place and I used to wake up every day to an amazing view like this, because I grew up in Val Lumnezia. I had to show you this place because it’s simply mesmerizing. For me it’s the best place to hike, ski or snowboard, eat, live and just enjoy the nature around.

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Hi, I’m Michèle and I’m 21 years old. I grew up in Graubünden, it’s in the east of Switzerland. At the moment I’m living in Lucerne and studying there graphic design at the “Hochschule Luzern”. I choose the place “Val Lumnezia” because I think that not many people know this place but if they’ve been there once, they surely want to come back again. On the front site you can see the mountain "Piz Terri" and the village "Surin". On the back you can see the mountain chain of "Piz Terri".

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