A trip to Switzerland - Zürich & Matterhorn
Carry memories of Switzerland with you.


I've put myself back to the moment where I stood at the shore of lake Zürich, contemplating the scenery and the swans, and I've started to illustrate. I've put in my design a little bit of Zürich's architecture, the iconic Matterhorn, a little symbol for skking, a watch made out of light and the incredible Landwasser Viaduct of which I am very fascinated by.

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Zürich, Matterhorn, Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland

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This year I had the chance to visit Switzerland for a short period of time. Two days in Basel and only three hours in Zürich. I took a walk from Zürich Hauptbahnhof to Sechseläutenplatz, on Limmatquai street. It was a beautiful day of spring, the scenery was majestic and I had a constantly smile on my face. I finnaly got to see the country whose flag was in my parent's house since I was a child. My walk stopped at the shore of lake Zürich and it's beautifull swans.

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Hi! I'm Ana, a graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania. I'm 25. I’ve been working as a designer for 3 years. I created this design for Victorinox inspired by the short walk that I had on Limmatquai and by my father's stories about Switzerland. I think that Switzerland it's a place that can't be missed on the theme Places of the World.

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