Lake Bled, Slovenia
My idea was to show why ''I feel sLOVEnia''.


The idea was to show Slovenia, a beautiful little country in Europe. One of the most beautiful destinations in Slovenia is the Bled lake with its untouched nature, magnificent church island and the old castle nearby. Besides the Church island, the front side shows also Mt. Triglav - the highest peak in Slovenia which can also be found on Slovenia's national coat of arms as well as the stars of the Counts of Celje (also shown, above the Victorinox logo). Triglav is also knows as the ''Three-Headed''. The front side follows the design of the Slovenian national coat of arms - on the top are the three stars, in the middle is Mt. Triglav and below is the water (lake Bled in this case). The back side features the Bled castle with the Slovenian Alps and Mt. Triglav in the background, filled with some boats and a hot air balloon to show how vibrant and active life here is.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I feel sLOVEnia!

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Hello! I'm Nikola Matošević, a 25 years young freelance graphic designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. My goal with this entry was to show one of Europe's hidden gems - Slovenia.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Yes I have. Yes the work is mine.