The Bulgarian Monument of Liberty - Shipka
Peak Shipka and its monument, symbol of the freedom and the independence of the Bulgarian people.


The Bulgarian Monument of Freedom is located on the Shipka Peak in the Balkan Mountains and is a symbol of the heroism and sacrifice of the volunteers who fought for the Freedom of Bulgaria in 1877. The glory of their fight is discribed in "Ode of shipka" written from the famous Bulgarian writter Ivan Vazov. This work gives the opportunity for the future generation of Bulgaria to go back in time to live through those historical events and to feel admiriable disire for freedom.

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Peak Shipka located in Balkan Mountains - a mountain chain situated on the Balkan Peninsula.

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Because for us this monument is a National Pride and it will be nice if more people understand and appreciate the sacrifices that our ancestors have done for us.

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My name is Victoria Kovacheva. Im 25 years old. I live in Bulgaria. I've been working here as a designer for a month now . I created this design for Victorinox because I think that it is important to show the Bulgarian Monument of Freedom, so that many people around the world know how strong the Bulgarian spirit is and how great are the achievements of the Bulgarian people.

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