San Francisco Bay, Golden State
Beautiful landscape of San Francisco.


The city is most known for its scenic beauty, from sweeping vistas on every hill to beautiful beaches that connect to the bay. This design features some of the most famous landmarks of San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, golden Gate park, the financial district and the beautiful bay.

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San Francisco Bay Area, Golden State California

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I grow up in the bay area, My favorite spot to be is on skyline where you can see the ocean and the golden gate bridge on one side and modern skyscraper on the other, the views of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay are often laced with fog, creating a romantic mood.

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I'm an artist/student from the bar area. I love using my hands to make stories with images, I enjoy the process of creative thinking and deliver fresh concepts with colors and shapes. thanks to Swiss Army Knife for giving me an opportunity to achieve new ideas!

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Bay Area, California.

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