Venezuela Paradise
Venezuela's beautiful landscapes


My design was inspired by the beautiful and varied Venezuelan landscapes, which are represented in a female figure that has characteristics of Venezuelan women whose beauty is recognized worldwide and are part of the essence of this place, moreover, this character is wearing a headscarf similar to the famous icon of the corn flour "Pan". This flour is used to make arepas, a typical Venezuelan dish.... It tries to include distinctive elements and symbols that remind us immediately of this beautiful country. It represents the varied landscapes of Venezuela such as the Salto Angel waterfall, the Bolivar peak of city Mérida and its majestic mountains along with its cable car. The background show a beautiful beach representative of all its paradisiac beaches. In addition I included the national tree of Venezuela: the Araguaney, that delights us with its beautiful yellow color every time it blooms.

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I chose Venezuela for its variety of beautiful places. At the moment, its people are living a political and economic crisis, and for this I think that it is important to remember that the country also has wonderful things that can serve as a motivation to overcome the problems.

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I am Salomé Fuenmayor, I am Graphic designer, I specialize on the characters illustration and in textile and clothing design. I love the Photography and illustration, for me are anothers way to see the world, It possibles of remain it in time.

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