Namibia - Deadvlei
Amazing and unique


Deadvlei is one of the most unique and incredible places. It is fascinating and incredible since most of the scenery looks surreal.

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Namibia - Deadvlei

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Known as the "Dead marsh", Deadvlei is a place that once was full of life and water until it became too dry for the trees to even decompose. They simply scorched black in the sun, monuments to their own destruction. The trees, now over 1000 years old, form a barren forest.

Now this place is unofficially named world's 8th wonder, capturing the attention and curiosity of people.

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My name is Tina Szekely and i am an architect and graphic designer with big dreams and a passion for beautiful things. I get my inspiration from nature and with everything i do i try to bring a smile on the faces of whoever may see my works.

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Yes, i have read the guidelines and regulations and this is my original work.