Celestún, México
Celestun is an important biosphere reserve in Yucatan, Mexico.


Celestun is an important biosphere reserve in Yucatan, Mexico. Despite there are many kind of birds and is a place full of life, flamingos are the most representative element in Celestun. If you ever visit Yucatan or even google it, the main view is the Parque Natural del Flamenco Mexicano, which means Mexican Flamingo Natural Park. That's why the design shows a landscape with trees, water and flamingos, which are pretty much the representative elements of Celestun.

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Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

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Mexico is known for its architecture, ancient buildings and traditions, but this country is also full of a wide variety of landscapes, and ecosystems that go from deserts to jungles and from beaches to forests. So, Celestun is just a little piece of this great variety of ecosystems, but very worthy from the people who visit Mexico to be seen.

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My name is Alma Mendoza and I am a graphic design student. I live in Puebla and have been studying graphic design for year and a half. I feel lucky to live in a country with such a variety of landscapes, besides I love flamingos and Celestun is a home for flamingos here in Mexico.

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