Líneas de Nazca – Perú
Humanity mystery only seen from the sky


The idea is capture the only way the Nazca Lines can be seen. Starting the route in a light aircraft flying over them and finish the adventure watching the Nazca Puquios.

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Nazca Lines are located in Pampas de Jumaná, Ica, Peru.

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I chose it because until today with all the technology that the world has, we have not been able to discover the reason of its creation. It is impressive how thousands of years ago Peruvian people could make huge and precise figures in the sand that only can be seen from the sky. The story I try to capture is to make known to the world the only way these magnificent figures can be seen from the sky, that is the reason why you can see the image of a plane flying over the lines that form the mo.

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Since I was a child I liked everything related to ancient cultures and much more if there is a mystery about them. The Nazca Lines captivated me since I learned that a woman named Maria Reiche dedicated all her life to study and take care of them, only a person who loves his job can do this kind of things in my case I try to bring that passion and dedication in the design.

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My country of origin is Peru

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Yes, it is.

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