Egyptian Roots
Feel the egyptian culture, have a touch with the beginning


i want to show the rich culture of this place, thats why i used gold and shiny colours , y used some of the most representative figures of this culture to take it to a new level and represent worthily this wonderful place.

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Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

because in personal i think its one of the most important places and culture that ever exist , i love the devotion and the ostentatious that they used in everything, also they were so advanced for the age. Actually it counts with a beautiful big desert and a great collection of iconic monuments in honor of ther past. i want to tell like a journey thru this magical place, from the Nilo river , the pyramids to other level up.

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My name is Emily Monroy , im from México and im a design student ,i love illustration, in specific animals and photography

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