Monastery of St John of Rila, also known as Rila Monastery
Illustration of two view points of the landmark in order to depict both surroundings and details.


The main goal of the proposed design is to make the viewer perceive the essence of the surrounding environment and catch a glimpse of some details. On the front side the illustration is all about scale - it gives the impression as if you are high in the forest and overlooking the monastery through the trees. The illustration on the back frames a closer look, as if standing at a tower opening. There you can see a small portion of the main building and two domes in front. The aim was to leave room for the logo to "breathe" on the front, and leave the back for specific details from the complex. Nature remains as constant element in both illustrations - as surroundings on the left side and as a background on the right side.

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The Monastery of St John of Rila is situated in the Southwest region of Bulgaria, in the skirts of the highest mountain in the country. It was founded in the 10th century. The monastery was destroyed by fire in the beginning of 19th century and was rebuilt later until 1862. The architectural style is one of the most iconic from that perdiod and is a great representation of craftsmanship, art and design. From 1983 it is included in UNSECO World Heritage List.

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

For its small size Bulgaria has a lot to offer. There are a lot of natural and man made landmarks that could be represented. But I chose the Monastery for its location, and the mix of build and natural environment.

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Hi, my name is Georgi. This is my proposal for the 2018 Victorinox Contest. The design represents Rila Monastery, one of the most famous landmarks in Bulgaria. My goal was to show both my impression of the monastery in its surrounding environment and a closer look at some architectural features inside the complex.

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