Places of the world = path of happiness
Life is a journey, not a destination


Life is a journey, not a destination: we travel, visit foreign countries and cities to recharge our batteries, experience different cultures and have adventures, to feel free and, above all, to relax and unwind. And no matter what you pictured your trip to be like, it will almost always exceed your expectations. As many reasons we find to trave, as many places we find to visit. Every place you spend time at will gain a special meaning for you. If 10 people visited the same place, they would give you 10 different accounts of the destination. Exactly these personal experiences are what turns a journey into your journey, what turns a place into your special highlight. Now, you can add this personal essence to your knife.

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

Sea, Beach, Paris, New York, Mountain, London, River

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I love to travel and there is an endles amount of great destinations worth seeing. So many infact that it is hard to pick a spot. During my travels, I often find that the places I visit only become special due to my travel experience. Smaller and greater catastrophes that have to be overcome, great moments and fantastic people you meet, all this turns a mere place into something special.

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