Muizenberg || Cape Town || South Africa
Muizenberg huts


A few colourful huts found on the beach front of Muizenberg

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Muizenberg || Cape Town || South Africa

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I studied my Bachelors in Cape Town and Muizenberg beach was the to-go-to place on weekends. I've come to realize the beauty of Cape Town is understated since I have been in Milan completing my Masters. There are many places known for their rows of beach huts but very few know about the ones in Muizenberg. By basing my design on these beach huts, I hope to bring hidden treasure to people's attention.

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My name is Alice Huang but also known as Ali-che (the way Italians pronounce it) since I have been living in Italy. I was born in Taiwan, grew up in Namibia and studied in South Africa. As an architectural student, I've had the privilege to be exposed to many different cultural backgrounds that has influenced the way I design. A lot of emphasis has been put into graphics as I feel that graphics can really help to convey any form of idea, whether it is architecture or illustrations.

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Born in Taiwan || Grew up in Namibia

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