Berlin Wall
My design showcases creative scene in Berlin using the Berlin Wall as canvas.


The Berlin Wall has always been a fascinating subject. Once it had a very bold meaning and a prominent place in history. When you look at the actual thing you see it covered in graffiti and for me that kind of represents Berlin at it's core: Creativity everywhere you look. From Art and Illustration Shows to the fashion and Games week and the drawing and gamedev meetup all over town. Berlin has grown from a once divided city into a creative Melting pot, where people from all across the globe come together to create something worthwhile

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Berlin Wall/Berlin/Germany

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Berlin has always been a fascinating place for me. My visits combine good and bad memories and the graffiti scene as well as the creative scene always made me jealous (coming from the city of Munich which is almost the complete opposite :D)

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My name is Simone Mändl and I'm a Game developer/Concept Designer from Munich, Germany. I have previously worked as a graphic and motion Designer and still enjoy creating Designs that have nothing to do with games or films.

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