Papantla Flyers - Mexican culture
The Rite of the Papantla Flyers, one of the most carefully preserved Mexican traditions to date


On one side you can see the pyramid of Papantla where this tradition originated. On the other side of it you can see the flying men ("bird men") who are interpreting the Totonaca rite. The flyer has a cap with a small multicolored tuft that simulates the crest of a bird, as well as a few colorful stripes simulating the rainbow that forms after the rain. On the other image I tried to show their red cloth on their breasts which represent the wings of the birds, in them are figures of flowers, plants and birds of different colors and sizes, embroidered with sequin, alluding to spring. According to the Totonaca legend, the gods said to them: "Dance, we will observe". And that's exactly what the bird-men do, perform a spectacular dance to please the gods.

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Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico.

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The five men climb to the top of the 37-meter pole. The four that are hanging from a single foot represent the four cardinal points and give 13 turns to the pole to descend. What represents the rain, necessary for the fields to be fertile. The fifth man accompanies them with music playing a flute.

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