The colors of Jarabe Tapatío in the square of Zapopan
The colors of the folk dance will bring life and joy in the Zapopan square.


El jarabe tapatio is a traditional dance, representative of the national identity of México. This beautiful dance is characterized by its vibrant colors and clothing that convey joy, that celebrate the romantic courtship. The square of Zapopan is one of the places you can't miss when you go to Guadalajara. There is the famous Basilica of Zapopan, where the Virgin of the Expectation is honor. It's recive hundreds of visits of pilgrims every year from October 12. The dances, food and music in her honor are one of the great attractions of this municipality, one of the most important of all Jalisco.

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The Basilica of Zapopan, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

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A jarabe tapatio dancer is iconic in Guadalajara. The design shows a dancer dancing in the square of zapopan. In one side you can see the dancer raising the skirt and on the other, the colores that represent de spin of the skirt and how it looks like color discs

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I am a designer looking to create designs with personality and touch of Mexico

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