Yellowstone NP | Old Faithful ~ Wyoming USA
Yellowstone National Park and it's most famous natural wonder ~ Old Faithful


To celebrate the first national park in the world and one of most amazing and picturesque places on Earth. And the main attraction and probably it's most famous is Old Faithful Geyser.

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Yellowstone National Park in northwestern corner of Wyoming, USA.

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The worlds first national park was established in 1872. It covers 3,472 square miles. It is larger than than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Besides Old Faithful Geyser, which erupts every 92 minutes, there are 300 active geysers and more than 290 waterfalls. And the number of Geothermal features is estimated at 10,000. There are more than 1800 archeological sites. And two threatened species call the park home – Canada lynx and Grizzly bears. It's a must visit for everyone.

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I'm an Illustrative Designer living and working in So. California, the movie and entertainment capital of the world, and home to the original "Happiest place on Earth". Originally from the State of Utah. Grew up with the Rocky Mountains as my playground. Been an artist, creative thinker, maker, collector all my life. During my collage years, for four summers in a row I worked in Grand Teton National Park, which is 7 miles from the south entrance of Yellowstone. We like to call it Jellystone.

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Utah- California- USA

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