Mexican sunset (Pyramid of the sun, Teotihuacán)- México
A sunny day and Mexican sunset based in the northern region, where the deserts are located.


In the front is the pyramid of the sun located in Teotihuacán. The design is an abstraction of the warm-dry atmosphere very representative of the central-north of the country.

Green is because it is one of the three colors of the flag. I associate the green with nostalgia and it is the consequent color of yellow and orange. Equal is the influence of Fauvism art, expressionist and Mexican muralism (especially José Clemente Orozco).

I placed the cactus and agave for its worldwide recognition of its Mexican origin. Like papel picado ornaments used in Mexico to decorate various festivals and objects, such as the piñata (equal included).

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Teotihuacán and north of Mexico

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

Mexico is a place that has a deeply rooted and recognizable culture. The warmth of its people and the sunny days next to a blue sky makes it very pleasant to visit and to live.

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I´m young visual designer and painter based in Campeche, México. I love to create things visually

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