Icelandic waters
The mesmerizing geysers and waterfalls of beautiful Iceland!


The famous Icelandic geyser Strokkur and the waterfall Seljalandsfoss.

With their power and beauty they amaze everyone who visits Iceland. But as the whole country becomes more and more popular on touristic maps, so does their nature become more burdened.

I have designed the moment the Strokkur geyser turned pink as a part of an artistic performance to increase awareness about the environmental impact we have on nature. This happened in 2015 when Marco Evaristti, an Chilean artist, poured pink food dye into the Strokkur geyser to convey that message. He wanted the people to realize that the soap they buy in stores harms the environment, all the cars and buses that go to the geyser area every day damage the environment.

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Iceland is a beautiful wild place, full of untouched nature, enchanting landscapes, hot springs, waterfalls, geysers. And it should stay that way, untouched. We people forget that taking care and protecting nature is more important than tourism and us taking a few photos and moving on to another attraction. That is why I chose to design the pink Strokkur geyser with the message that nature doesn't belong to anyone but we all must take care of it.

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