Lisboa, Portugal
Show the world a sample of the beauty of Lisbon with something as simple as tiles.


I decided to show the unique beauty of Lisbon since it is my city. Portugal despite being a small country has a beauty outside the imaginable.

Even the tiles on the walls are filled with details that make every street unique. And we even have lifts to go around the city like the Elevador da Bica.

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Elevador da Bica, Lisboa, Portugal

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I really believe Lisbon is a unique city in the world and for being in a country as small as Portugal I decided to show the art present in such small details.

The tiles are different in each corners and this makes the streets all different from each other. The Elevador da Bica is a lift that allows you to visit the city from the top. Since it is such a mountainous city this is one of the best ways to visit Lisbon.

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Discover one of the many Lisbon tiles scattered on the streets.

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