Bulgaria's Rhodopi Mountains
Rhodopi Mountains are a magical place with great mystical powers and ancient secrets.


Rhodopi Mountains are a mountain range in Southern Bulgaria, taking almost one-seventh of the country's land. People believe it is a magical place with great and mystic powers. Indeed the place keeps secrets of holy spirits for more that 5000 years B.C. Some of the local people from the villages still believe and practice rituals known for decades. The amazing one of a kind nature offers wonders of great variety. From rocky high peaks to strangely formed caves, phenomenon rock formations, high energy spots, healing mineral springs, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, winter resorts, monasteries, ancient sanctuaries, temples and holy cities that still stand from 5000 years B.C. The native people have preserved the Bulgarian folklore customs and traditions in its original form more than a decade ago. The world famous 'Kaba Gaida' bagpipe was born here, it is one of the most distinctive instruments of the Bulgarian folklore music. The Guinness world record for the largest bagpipe ensemble is held by 333 bagpipers playing 'Kaba Gaida' bagpipe. Bulgarian people believe that the strong energy and acoustics of Rhodopi Mountains make the sounds of this instrument really magical and ones you hear it, it touches your heart and you remember it forever.

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Rhodopi Mountains/Bulgaria

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I recently visited Rhodopi and was really amazed by its powerful and mystic energy.

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I am an artist from Bulgaria, I do fine art and illustrations.

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