Peace is in the air (UPDATE)
Trujillo´s Peace Monument: A colossal monument in a small town.


Covered with mountains over most of its area, Trujillo is one of the truly Andean states of Venezuela and ranks high agriculturally. Actually, it is one of the biggest vegetable –and flower- providers for the rest of the country. With an altitude of 958 meters this long and narrow city lies at the feet of the Peace Monument (also called Monument of Our Lady of Peace, embedded at plateau La Peña de la Virgen -where it is said that the virgin appeared in the year 1570- ). With 46.72 meters height is the highest habitable sculpture of America and a very touristic place that provides a spectacular panoramic view of the region. My intention is to show, in one side of the knife, the magnificent of the monument and, in the other side, our modest way of living and how we see it from our farms and houses, how it stands over the city, jealously guarding the town that so faithfully worships her.

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Peace Monument, Trujillo, Venezuela.

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Trujillo is my hometown, and even though I have not lived here my whole life, I can say, for sure, it is a hospitable land that still keeps the charm of old Spanish colonial houses and serpentine narrow roads that link graceful villages that hold historic importance. I decided to choose it because small towns are, sometimes, left aside, so this way I am able to show the rural beauty where the visitor can sense peace as one of the attracting features this enchanting region offers.

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My name is Isis Romano. I am a 38 years old full time mom and part time graphic designer and farmer... I have been working as a designer for 12 years already. I created this design for Victorinox because I want to share with you all, the view from my backyard -and also some corn from my farm if you wish!-, the lovely colors and shapes from my small but beautiful town.

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Yes to both