Lisboa, Portugal
Lisboa is a city with a beautiful light and bright colours that tumble down to the river Tejo.


The aim of this design was to convey the beautiful light and colourful architecture of Lisboa. I chose a limited colour pallet and geometric design inspired by the tiles that feature in so many of the traditional façades.

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Lisboa is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. It has an amazing vibe wich is greatly due to its unique light and architecture. I wanted to get people to know this amazing city through its vibrant landmarks. The Panteão Nacional and Cristo Rei landmarks are portraited as pure forms and the façades and roofs of the old neighbourhoods peek through the river Tejo splash of blue. Flocks of swallows fly around. Some miles away, sandy beaches, send a sea breeze to the city. Welcome to Lisboa!

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I am a designer who loves to play with colour and textures. Nice patterns and textured textiles always catch my eye!

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