Beautiful Hong Kong
My idea arises from the city so enigmaticay admirable and its culture


The idea of ​​choosing hong kong is for the spiritual culture as well as the city in general, I admire the city a lot for its fashion technology and design in general. I really liked this subject of Victorinox "places of the world" because I allowed to capture in graphic what I feel for this city.

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The design is cool in a vector way, illustration, the color range is warm and the design generally speaks of the country by its culture I wanted to represent Buddha houses and buildings memorial, after having the clear idea everything was flowing and the result me It seemed incredible

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Hello I am Lorena Campos graphic designer, exercising for two years, I am passionate about what I do and I love the idea of ​​this edition of victorinox since I was able to shape the design of the country that I admire

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The idea is original as well as design