Sissi & Franz - Vienna and the landscape of Austria
I have chosen the typical landscape of Austria and Vienna in an abstract way.


The sujets of my submission is an abstract illustration of the landscape of Austria and the capital Vienna. The countryside is full of mountains, woods and lakes and on the other side there is the city. Vienna with its landmark the stephansdom is a vibrant and dynamic city, which is exemplified by the metro, although Vienna is embedded in old culture and tradition. This is why I used Sissi & Franz also as iconic figures of Austria and nestled them in typical austrian components. Emperor Franz Joseph and empress Sissi play with the tradition and the stereotypes of Austria and are integrated in Austrian culture. I reduced their appearance to the minimum: his beard and her hairstyle with the edelweiss. Although its reduced you still are able to catch the distinguishing characteristic of the former monarchs and the landmark sa well as the countryside. In this downscaled setting they are surrounded by clichéd components of the Austrian culture, like: mountains, snow, skiing, lakes, the landmark Stephansdom of Vienna, beer, Vienna sausage, gugelhupf and the metro. The style of the illustration turns these elements into a new, modern and urban light, which Austria and especially Vienna nowadays is. The colors are white and red, like the national flag and in contrast with the lightblue in the background.

Which place, city and country is featured in your design? (place/city/country)

Austria / Vienna

Describe why you have chosen this place as a visual? What story does your design tell?

I chosed Austria / Vienna, because its my homecountry and grew up here. And im still glad that Vienna is my basement. Austria is the neighbor of switzerland: hello there! :) and I think it is important to show that also small countries are modern and global players. This is what i wanted to show with my submission.

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I am Anna Habaschy aka Minaechx, an Vienna based freelance artist specialising in graphic design and illustration. After studying graphic design I began to work as a freelancer. In this current digital world where there are so many new ways to communicate, I believe that handmade craft remain a powerful method to create something individually and long-lasting.

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