New York Skyline - Chrysler building (color variation)
A 2D Illustration of the art deco style chrysler building in new york.


This is a recolored version of my first idea. A simplified rendering of the chrysler building. I split the big shapes that are iconic for the architectural style into the two colors white and blue, contrasting the black and gold that are often used for art deco work. In this version I still wanted to keep the pop art colors, so I made the logo a bright yellow and put some orange on the building.

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USA, New York City, Chrysler building

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When I was young my dad showed me pictures of New York and all the skyscrapers. As a child I couldn't grasp the concept of how huge these buildings were. Same with Artists like Andy Warhol, from whom my dad had a bunch of prints hanging around - as a kid, I didn't like the images. After learning about art deco Style the chrysler building became one of my favorites. So I took the chance to combine 3 things my dad taught me to appreciate: pop-art, New York skyscrapers and the swiss army knife.

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My name is Simone Mändl and I'm a Game developer/Concept Designer from Munich, Germany. I have previously worked as a graphic and motion Designer and still enjoy creating Designs that have nothing to do with games or films.

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