Titicaca Lake
The origin of the greatest empire of Americas surviving yet in a magical sincretism.


la Puna (sorrounded lands of Titicaca Lake) is the region between Peru & Bolivia where ancient cultures are alive in food, language and specially dances like the one in the illustration that represent the devil of spanish conquers, but are the original gods of indians dancing during days like a marathon in honor of christian rituals , with the scenary of lake with plates and mountains home of mitic condor and a original ship made with a plant called Totora, same material of a floating islands made by the Uros.

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Lake Titicaca located in the altiplano or highlands between Peru and Bolivia +3800 meters over sea level

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This place is rich of peculiar landscapes, culture, traditions, cosmovisión, sincretism and dances

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I am Gustavo Alayza, designer and passionate of art an culture of Peru, with expos of posters in diferent countries, finalist in contests of illustration and design.

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