Bernal comes from the Otomi word "Ma'hando" which means " an isolated place in the middle of two.


Peña de Bernal is the third largest monolith in the world, located in Queretaro, Mexico.
A majestic place that exhibits the gigantic stone of Bernal, as well as the surrounding town, full of tradition and color.

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Bernal, Queretaro, Mexico.

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This place is a quiet and peaceful town where tourists can gather to take a walk or climb the stone. With a desertic climate sorrounded by exotic flora and fauna, as well as colorful houses and local business, this mysterious town has a charm that others should explore.

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My name is Montserrat Mendoza and I live in Queretaro, Mexico. I´ve chosen to design Peña de Bernal, because it´s a majestic town, which everyone should visit once in their lifetime.
I also believe that small villages should be visited and cared for, as part of fostering a healthy environment and a culture of inclusion in the world.

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