South Moravia - Region of Vineyards
I live in this region whole my life and I can't believe, how beautiful it is!


The landscape is picturesque, people are hospitable, music is cheerful, women are beautiful and the wine is tasty. There are many traditional folklore festivals and people, who live here, are very happy. South Moravian Folklore ornament has primarily magical function, it protects its owners from all evil and gives tribute to love, prosperity and good. Originally it is used in architecture and traditional costumes. The main idea is application of these ornaments into objects of daily necessity and thus keep it with you every day. Folklore ornament is very similar across different cultures not only in Europe and so I think it will be close to many people.

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South Moravia/Slovácko/Czech Republic

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I live in this beautiful area whole my life and I very admire traditional culture and habits. Folklore ornament is very fantastic and decorative but it's added value is even more beautiful. It celebrates love, beauty and diligence of the people who grow agricultural crops and produce wine in this beautiful region of vineyards.

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I'm fashion designer and illustrator and in my work I'm influenced by folklore and traditions in my region. The main theme of my work is the nature and the relationship to it.

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Czech Republic

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