Johannsburg - South Africa
South Africa has so much to offer, from the oceans, the rolling green hill, the Drakensberg Mountain


Explore Johannesburg, Jo’burg is often overlooked as an attraction in South Africa, but is it rich in culture, history and art. Soweto being one of the key Townships, there lies the Soweto Towers. Silo’s that are usually an eye sore to our landscape, becomes a mural for art and creativity. An attraction, not only visually, but those seeking adrenaline as well. Showing a story of how the Nation of South Africa, can unite and bring good out of the negative. Our Skyline, our city painted with diversity.

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Johannesburg, Soweto, South Africa

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We often forget how much a city can offer. I've been living in Jo’burg for the last 9 years and there is so much to do. The city is being transformed into a place welcoming to those who are different, with art, music and craft beer, experiencing the rich diversity our nation can offer. I portrayed the city in with color and creativity.

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Hi, my name is Douglas Desmond and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve been working as a freelance Product Designer for 4 years, and also try my hand in a bit of Graphic design. I created this design for Victorinox because I think South Africa has a lot of creativity to offer the world, I encapsulated this in the beauty of the Soweto Towers, in Johannesburg. Amongst the city, there is colour and creativity, we are more than our wild animals and Table Mountain.

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South Africa

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