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What is jovoto and how can I participate?

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The Swiss Army Knife is one of Switzerland’s most iconic products. Most people are familiar with the classic red design and the unmistakable Victorinox cross and shield. Ever since 1884, when Karl Elsener opened his own cutlery business in Ibach-Schwyz in Switzerland, the production site has been steadily growing in this village. Even though the original has been copied and adapted around the world, Victorinox is still the global leader in pocket knives.

Get featured in the introduction video!

Victorinox and jovoto’s global creative community are teaming up for the 7th time to create a limited edition collection! Each year designers and illustrators from all over the world submit their designs for a chance of getting produced by Victorinox!

In preparation for this year’s project, Victorinox wants to hear from you! Post a video of yourself/your work on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter saying "Hi, I'm >your name<” in your native language and, in English: “I'm from/ live in >your country< and I’m looking forward to the Places of the World project because….."  Please use the hashtags #MyVictorinox & #VictorinoxPlacesOfTheWorld so we can find your video - we will be looking out for them and compiling our favourite ones in this year’s project introduction video!

What’s the task?

In 2012 Victorinox decided to open up the design process for its annual Classic Limited Edition to all designers and Victorinox fans worldwide. It’s that time again: don’t miss out on the chance to create an exciting, iconic and never-seen-before design for the Classic Limited Edition of their pocket knife. 

Check out the Classic Limited Edition 2017 and all previous Limited Edition Design challenges on the Victorinox Creative Hub and on the Victorinox website.

Places of the World is the overarching theme of the Classic Limited Edition 2018. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are lifelong companions. The Limited Edition 2018 will be dedicated to all the special places around the world that inspire you.

What’s in it for me?

  • Connect with a creative and innovative global crowd.
  • Your ideas will be presented and reviewed by Victorinox marketing experts worldwide.
  • You could win one of the 51 cash prizes out of the €37,500 total prize pool.
  • 30 Client Shortlist awards worth €4,500 will be awarded to the creatives with the best design that will go into a global voting on the Victorinox webpage.
  • All Victorinox fans will be given the chance to decide which 10 designs will be produced in 2018 and made available to purchase around the globe.

Awarded ideas