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To submit your exciting new design for this year’s Classic Limited Edition theme – Food of the World!


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Dear Creatives of the World,

Welcome to the 8th Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Limited Edition and to this year’s theme – Food of the World! It is with great great pleasure that I will be your guide this year.

First put your pencil down! I mean it. And now:

1 Read the brief (two/three times - not kidding!)

2 Read the Idea Template - as this is what you will need to upload and how your submission should look like.

3 Download the Project Kit (from the Download section in the brief)

4 Read again the part about original work! (in the brief)

Now you are ready to go! Be iconic! Be great! Cannot wait to see your yummy designs. I am sure we will all get very hungry after this project.


Hello, Unfortunately so far I have not participated in Vichtorinos contests, this is my first time and I just read the brief and I'm not sure I understood it well. The briefing says "Upload your idea in a finalized and ready to print quality". What I'm interested in is - do we just need to upload our suggestions on this white template that you have given or need to upload the images based on Victorinox_Measurements.pdf file 57mmx12.5mm for printing on the knife? And one more question, if we need to submit suggestions 57mmx12.5mm, should we leave an empty space for the logo or should it be incorporated? Thank you. And good luck to all participants!

Hi and welcome :). we have to upload the mockup. The visual you will design have to be applied on the template of the knife available in brief download. You must make sure that the designed graphics are optimized for printing. You have to consider the dimensions of the knife. The visual must be printable, recognizable and readable on the surface of 58mm.

So we do not have to upload front and back isolated images (without knife) for printing ON THE KNIFE? This white template with our illustrations applied is for promotion, it can not be used for printing on the knife, right?

Welcome then, Igor! Simply use the template and apply your design directly on the template. Easy-peasy. Just like it was done in the first submission already: Have fun!!

Dear Diana are we allowed to change the Victorinox logo colour on the knife?

Yes, as long as you stay in their color scheme (it's in the brief).

I realized that the task "Food of the world" was to present authentic and iconic foods/dish, from some area, country, etc. or maybe I'm wrong? I would like to know if it's ok to be anything (fruits, sweets ...) as long as it's food, does not need to be related to a particular culture or country? Tnx

Hey there Igor, that's correct.

Okay, this still seems to confuse:

Either I got it wrong, or Davide got it wrong. Would a pattern of veggies be allowed, or not, because I have no local/ country/ iconic reference?

"iconic and appealing food experience" - "recognized by everyone, everywhere in the world."

I find veggie ICONS in a pattern iconic, and they are simple enough to be recognized. Plus they is healthy and pretty.

Davide claims "The country or the experience are fundamental elements from what I understood."

Enlightenment, oh dear Diana? :)

Thx Gila for sharing our doubt. Lets see what Diana is going to write!

Let me double check that for you, Gila, and I will get back to you.

Hey Igor, I have just realized that my answer was unclear. The food does not need to be related to a particular country or region.

Thx Diana for your extra advice!

Gila, your pattern is fine. All good there! ;)

Hi Diana, maybe it is a stupid question or maybe you wrote the explanation some comments before or in the briefing, but I ask anyway: How will be the voting for jovoto COMMUNITY PRIZES this time? Is the community voting for the community or is the client voting for the community? I am a little bit confused because there are no stars to vote... ?

The community voting is as usual - done by you, the community. There is no more voting during the submission period, but only during the Rating Only Period.

Please let me know if you have further questions, Diana

Hi Diana, thanks for your answer :) On the one hand this sounds good, because only the final work will be voted. But on the other hand as we all know in Victorinox projects there are many many submissions and most of the creatives will probably not be able to vote for over 1000 designs. Will there be a random submission view during the voting phase?

Yes, there will be a lot to vote, that's for sure. Hopefully, the one page submission from this year will help with going through the ideas fast. Random view - yes.

Hi Diana :) I have to agree with Ramona. The question is HOW are we going to vote all these hundreds ideas ? After the first pages wont be easy to see all ideas..:D What could solve this problem? :D

I was thinking if we could see the voting stars by holding the cursor on thumbnail . This way we don't need to click on idea. and...its important that we can see both sides on first slide presentation. Also the name of the country would be great to be in the title of every idea..this way we can understand what is about.. example of Idea name MEXICO - TACOS AL PASTOR


Great suggestion regarding the idea name, I will share that with the rest. Regarding the rating, we do not want to implement that kind of a quick rating. We want each submission on jovoto to have been seen well (not just through a thumbnail) before being rated. The way things are now ensures that, although indeed there is an extra click for each idea.

Thank you for sharing, Diana

Hey everyone,

Thank all for participating already with designs and/ or feedback for other creatives. Please please please leave the background WHITE!, just as it is in the template. – that's a big request from the client.

And (a great and sensible suggestion from demonietto) if you are portraying a local or regional food, it makes sense to mention in the idea title the region the food is from (ex. "Mexico Tacos al Pastor").

Thank you and happy creating, Diana

Did you mean ALL the background white? Or just behind the knife? Please clarify..

Just behind the knife! Thank you for catching so soon a possible misunderstanding. ;)

So.. my submissions is OK?

No, they are not ok yet. You have a pattern on each background and some more graphical elements. You need to remove them all. Look for instance at the first submission made in this project. He did it well. Let me know if you need further help, Diana

Sorry For Disturb Diana, But I do not understand exactly what you mean.. Did you mean the background in the body of the knife, or the background around it?

Around it. For instance all this in the red circle:

Are they both OK now ?

Yes, they are! :)

Am I a b*tch for adding my logo, small, in the corner? I don't usually put anything out in the wild without my logo...

Hey Gila, I understand where you are coming from, but unfortunately that is not ok. Victorinox always gives recognition to the creatives when it comes to their designs.

Meh. This is not about recognition, but about images that eventually end up on Pinterest, Google etc, where it eventually becomes impossible to trace the source, because no name or anything is on that image. I will remove, but extremely unhappily.

I see what you mean, Gila. Sorry about that. I hope they don't end up there without recognition.

Thank you Jovoto for making great improvement on this years Victorinox contest! I love it! I am referring to: 1) only uploading one slide and having to keep the background white so as to keep the focus on the knife, 2) starting the voting only once all ideas have been submitted so that fair comparisons can be made, and 3) only allowing 5 submissions per artist, not 10. Keep it up. :) Lynn

That's great to hear, Lynn. ;)

I have a question, can a knife appear in my design? a meat knife for cutting it. thanks!

Dear Elsa, thank you for your question. If it is not the focus on your design, it is not shown in a way that it glorifies violence etc., and just part of the setting for the food, that's fine.

Hi Diana, I tried to delete on of my ideas, and replace with a new one but it seems that nothing is happening. I didnt want to change one of the existing ideas because I want the new idea to be on the first page. So, why the delete option doesnt work? Thanks?

Dear Igor, please write me a PM (personal message) about which idea should be removed and I will do my best to help. To answer your last question, you can remove your ideas within 24 hours from upload. After that you can only update them or write your Creative Guide why you need it removed. Why? Here is your answer.

We are half through this year's challenge and we are already over 230 submissions! Thank you!! Which means Monday we are sitting with the client to talk about your designs. Curious what they will have to say? I wll share their insights and tips for you on Monday (also called the Halftime Feedback).

Until then I wish everyone a fun weekend & see you in a couple of days. Diana

Hi, i have a doubt. when i finish the submission where do i can upload it?

Hi Walter. If you scroll completely up, you will see a button on the right saying "Submit Idea". Have fun!!

Hi, Diana! you can edit an entry, for a different proposal at this time. Or is that no longer possible?:o Thank you!:)

Excuse me, I reformulate the question, I mean if at this moment it is no longer possible to edit an idea and change it for a new proposal?:O

It's always possible to edit a submission after you've submitted it.

Hey Diana! Can you please tell me till what time we can submit our designs today? Is today the last day for submission?

Halftime feedback was scheduled about now - the final submission period is July 12.

Dear Food Designers of the World, we sat yesterday with the client and got their feedback on the submissions and project so far. Their feedback is right here ("Halftime Feedback") under the brief. And you will also find out what to focus on in the remaining weeks.

Enjoy reading and we hope you find that useful for your old and new submissions. Diana

The client feedback invite us to change (not for all but for the most part) the visual language. The requirements, certainly consistent with the printing feasibility and the readability of the visual on the product, push a bit vs the knifes produced in previous years. I agree with the choice to simplify our proposals, but this will mean less originality in the choice of dishes. Moreover, the visual impact will certainly be less interesting. Food is a theme that needs to be expressed with colors, especially when it comes with structured recipes. Basic ingredients are surely recognizable. Super commercial products, such as Hambuger, pizza and sushi can also be recognized through the use of a few colors. For these reasons I think that the foods that will be proposed in this second phase will certainly be less original. Anyway good luck to all ;)

I think I don't really catch the point. Do they need food illustration like shown in recipe book as well as the packing of sauces and seasonings? An illustration that look appealing but cliche? I hope what I understand is wrong ;D

Hi there, Davide, those (the use of base colors, simplification) are only suggestions for you to explore. Nothing more. I will improve the wording a bit in the Halftime Feedback to avoid misinterpretations. Clearer now? :)

Dear Andhy, can you be clearer which point is not working for you? Just copy paste part of it, just to be sure that I get it.

Thanks Diana. However, the aspect related to the use of a few colors is important. Two or at most three colors would be perfect, right?

Thanks Diana. At this time I think I'd better to follow your chat with Davide and re-read the halftime feedback more deeply. I'll let you know whenever I'm still not clear.

Davide, the mentioned Pantone colors only refer to the plastic shell of the knife. It does not have to be white, it can be one of these colors, too. In production, the rounded outer edge will not be printed. It might look better to work on a yellow or pink shell, for example, so that is not as obvious.

Thx Gia, that's ok. But what about the use of colors? I understood that it is advisable to use a few colors for the visual representation. Considering the small size the customer has specified that the use of 2, at most 3 colors would be perfect.

The two-three colors has and is working well, however no one wants a collection of knives which are bi-color all, so you just make your choice what you want to go for. The client thought to share that insight.

Hai, Diana! It is great to be back here again with the Victorinox 's Limited Edition Swiss Army knife! And this year theme: Food of the world, surely changeling! I had begun my development as early as possible, but still unsure about the food i would like to work on. The choices is hard to find the " right" food to work with: International dishes/ western dishes, Regional or National Food, Dessert, Fruits, Exotic food, candy, pasta, Snack, Chocolates ,....

I had made up my mind on one traditional dish from the Eastern Asian, but still unsure and unconvinced of "it" because it the past when i work with uncommon ideas, for example exotic food or unheard cuisine, the result is not very encouraging. The Client's choices of the previous edition to me ... really making me wonder what does "... of the World" really means to the client? This year, Food of the World: Is it Common food vs uncommon food? or International dish/ Western food vs the regional food? Either Fruits, desserts, donuts, egg vs course meals, or a table of food vs a single plate of food .... which one should i go for? Should i play / design safe, go for the food everyone know: the international food, simple looking food?

You have got the opportunity to upload 5 proposals. You can go for some common international food and some uncommon dish if you wants to try something original. Anyway the style could make a great difference. Good luck ;)

I have to agree with Davide, if you want to submit more than one design, then you can pick two opposite subjects (as in international and local). In the Halftime Feedback we've shared some thoughts exactly about this. Read that again and I am sure you will come up with a good solution. Cheers, Diana

Thank you. I will work & complete my first idea first. Then, i will decide whether to continue to submit second, third, ... I just update the idea for the first time.

Hi, Diana! Respect to the use of realistic textures, or full print of the covers, or litmus colors, or gradients are out of design route for this contest, is about for printing and background issues and durability!?:'P

Hey Carlos, you can upload that. ;)

realistic textures, or full printing of the covers, or the colors of the litmus, or the gradients are allowed, can we do that!?

Hi Diana, I promise I read the brief 5 times! ;) But I still have a question. Victorinox clearly stated "no beverage", but for one of my ideas, the drink to the meal is essential. I could leave it out but it just seems so incomplete. How strict is that rule? Thank you very much in advance. Cheers, Sandra

Dear Nyan, thank you for reading. As long as the beverage is an essential part of the dish, and as long as it is not the focus of the dish, then go ahead. ;)

Hi, I am having troubles opening the ideas from my notification tab. So, whenever I open an idea where someone has replied to my comment on their idea, it doesn't show me the visual part nor the description- ONLY the comments, I find it a bit annoying. Is it only happening with me or with everybody?

Hey Fatima, I have the same problem and I didn't find the time yet to send a report to support. You can also send the problem to support. Have a nice day!

Hi guys, I contacted the Support, we will see if they'll fix the problem. Best,

Sorry about that everyone. Whenever you have any technical issues again, best is to write us here: Report technical issue. Thank you! Diana

Dear Creatives of the World,

We are reaching soon 400 submissions in this year's Victorinox challenge – "Food of the World". We are also entering the last week of submissions. I cannot wait to see what the last week will bring. Surely more and more delicious designs.

Happy creating! Diana

Hai, everyone! Hai, Diana! Just browsing through all the ideas before continuing with my development, I saw a few idea that only have the front side showing this year theme: food. Should both front and back sides showing the food? Or just the front is enough?

Happy to hear that you've been browsing, Lee. Did you get hungry as well? The answer is very simple - no. Surely, the more food is shown, the better for the design because it then unmistakably fits this year's theme. However, the food doesn't need to cover the knife on both sides in order to communicate "hey, this knife is about this food", that that food is the main focus of the knife.

Beverages are a bit trickier - if the beverage is an essential part of the dish, and as long as it is not the focus of the dish, then it is fine to show them, but only as minor additions to the design which focuses on the food.

Does this help? Please let me know if you have further questions. You can also PM me certain ideas if they are confusing you.


Thank you, Diana!

And thanks for sharing the huaban site too! The Chinese round also featuring many talented ideas! Quite interesting that when I meet the ideas share the same inspiration as mine!

Hi Diana, I posted my first submission to the contest but I have a problem: I can't be able to upload more than 1 image and I wanted to post an image of the process, it's very important for my solution. Isn't that possible anymore, to upload more that 1 image? Thanks!

Hey there ataki, congratulations for your first submission. You can only upload 1 image. If you wish to share a visualization of your process, you can share a link to that image / those images in the comments section under your idea. Please let me know if you need more help with this.


Hello! Does anybody know why is the image quality of submited ideas here a slightly worse than original work ? Or that's just a problem with me?

Dear Marko, if you feel that there are some technical issues with the quality of your visual, please submit your question here and we will do our best to help.

470 ideea and three days left to submit! Time is flying, isn't it?!

One last thing. I’ll be out of the office for one week, and while I’m gone my talented colleague Jana will take over from here. She’s been briefed and onboarded, so she’s ready to go! If you have questions during this time best is to PM (send her a personal message) her instead of me.

Looking forward to be back and see what you all have been up to. ;) Diana

Hi everyone, we have just entered the last stretch of the submission period. If you’ve got updates or new submissions to make, do that before Thursday, July 12, 5pm (CET Berlin time)!

Thank you all and best of luck!! Best, Jana

5 pm is 17 Uhr, isn't it? The project closed at 10 o'clock am?

And where are the "voting stars"? Strange things going on here ... ;)

What is going on ? I can not now submit my idea !

It is back to normal, 17:00 is still the correct deadline!

While adding last touches on my second idea i wanted to see how many hours i have left... Sadly... it's closed. Is that supposed to happen?

Hi Darius, we fixed the issue!

Whoah.... Awesome. Thanks Jana for the notification... i was betting on this :D

I tried submitting my ideas but it's not working! In all the documentation I had, it said 17:00. That means 5 PM, but it's nowhere near that time. Could you please help us with this issue?!

Same here - I couldn't submit the update to my first idea and one additional idea.

From brief: Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 17:00 pm (Berlin time) In reality: Submission Period Closed Jul 12, 2018 at 10:00 UTC+0200

it is still 17:00 Berlin time, we fixed the upload function!

Hi all, there is indeed some trouble with the upload function - we are working on a fix!

I hope this is just a technical problem and will be fixed soon :D

Surely different experience this time here. Still unsure what's going on. Submitting & updating ends early, stars giving process not starting yet at this moment ... Is it a whole new strategic from the client?

We have a fix - you can upload again! I apologize for the inconvenience!

Well, submitting & updating is back online. That's great! Just need to know, for the stars giving stage, when is it going to be start? Automatically after the submitting & updating stage ends, begin at Jul 12, 2018 at 23:00 UTC+0800? or we still have to wait longer? Just curios and very exciting of the new experience this time ....


rating starts immediately after the project has closed, indeed, and ends on the 19th at 5PM Berlin time! Have fun, and best of luck!! :)

Best, Jana

Maybe you also have to tell the client, that the submission period ends at 5 pm... They posted this in Facebook: Die Einreichungsfrist ist nun beendet! Wir danken allen Kreativen für die breite Palette an wunderschönen Designideen, die für die Kollektion Classic Limited Edition des nächsten Jahres eingereicht wurden. Aufgepasst, die Abstimmung beginnt im Oktober. Bis dann

we are of course in contact ;)

...Hi again, Ramona!

The voting phase Victorinox has announced for October is the global, public voting on their website where selected designs from this project will be electable. This is what the Briefing refers to: "the Victorinox jury will pick a shortlist of ideas to go into a Global Voting that will be announced on the Victorinox website, their social media channels and also on jovoto. You and all other Victorinox fans will be given the chance to decide which 10 designs will be produced in 2019 and made available to purchase around the globe."

Our jovoto rating for the community awards will of course start at 5pm Berlin Time today and end on the 19th at 5PM Berlin Time.

Best, Jana!

Dear creatives from all over the world,

The submission has finally come to an end! I want to thank everyone who has submitted in this challenge! Bravo! And also a big thank you to everyone who has left feedback on these ideas, to help the creatives see their missed spots and improve their ideas.

From now you have one week to rate these ideas. Here is how to vote fair on jovoto: *Rating is anonymous. It is not allowed to trade ratings on jovoto. Even if you love an idea and you gave it the highest rating, please don't mention that to the idea owner. *Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them. *If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas. *Be sure to read and consider the creative brief. It is your decision how much that affects your rating. *Rate using the full scale. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system. *The more you rate, the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum. *Remember to change your rate if the idea owner has updated their idea. *Great design but the concept not so much? You decide if and how much that affects your vote. *Any unfair ratings will be disqualified during the Monitoring phase, and won't be considered in the final ranking. More about rating on jovoto here.

All the best and have fun, stay fair, and good luck everyone!!!


Hey! Can someone tell me how one is supposed to vote for the design?

Hi, just wondering when do the ratings for each submission become visible?

After the announcement of the community winners .

Although the brief clearly says to use the standard template, unfortunately there are still many designers who do not obey it, so that their work looks bigger and more prominent than others. Is this a kind of trick they made?

I was wondering on how I should vote for such designs as in the brief it clearly says how it should be (formats, description, introduction and all), so in all honesty I take the star of for all the projects that don't follow the format guidelines no matter the design because if participating in it, everyone should read it and do as asked. I know nobody cares about my stars lol, but I think this is the right way to do it, and everyone can do the way they want to. Also worrying for those designs to be more appealing, I think the design is best visible in the format recommended, so I think there is no need to worry about it :)

Thank you for raising this issue. Unfortunately, on this issue jovoto cannot force the creatives to submit according to the template by otherwise removing their ideas. We do our best with our guiding and continuous support, and usually we solve 70-80% of the cases with the collaboration of the creative. The last 20-30% is usually submissions uploaded in the last day(s), when there is not enough time to react or update.

These are your stars, your votes, give them as you think best. We always recommend that "on brief" should always be a important part of your rating.

Hello, in my Profile I have a yellow banner saying ‘This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score...etc’ anybody knows how it works, I have read the fair rating page but it doesn’t say whether it’s normal to get it if you start reviewing projects or not.

Dear Cin, I will review your yellow banner and send you a PM about it as soon as possible today.

Hi, if you are elected "pick of the week or pick of the day, its supposed to also post your description? as mention in the brief (A statement about you: Pick of the Day! During the submission phase, selected designs will be featured on the Victorinox social media channels as the “Pick of the Day”. )

I think they are only posting the ideas no the statement , do you know why?

Thank you all.

They are not even posting the creative’s name, right? And that gif just lifted images with no indcation either. Thanks for not allowing us to include our logos, making this another unpaid promotion. § 13 UrhG

Ah, they also uploaded images to their website. No link. No designer name.

Diana, Jana, can you please clarify? This is illegal, for starters. More than anything, it is something you promised would not happen, when you did not allow us to include watermarks or logos.

Dear Gila, thank you for your comment. We are getting in touch with the client on this today and will get back to you.

Dear Fernando, it may be that he client uses the statement for the pick of the day or later to communicate the shortlisted designs or the winners. We will get in touch with the client to get more clarity about this. Thanks! Diana

Hey Gila, I am back with news. The client somehow missed to credit / link the shared designs. They apologize for that and are already working on fixing that. Thank you for catching it!!

I hope you arrange a monetary (or knife) payment to the creatives, for 1-4 weeks of unlicensed display of copyrighted content? Still cheaper than going to court. ;)

Not Really Gila, yes it would be nice to be one of the finalist,and im sure that the finalist will be reward and mention fairly . but we enter to this contest for fun, it dosent really matters if the used our design to promote the contest, thats the idea. I recommend you to chill out, and if one of your designs become a clients choice or even winner, they will rewarded and mention you as promised on the Brief. If not, im sure nobody will steal or copy one of your designs. Good luck to all!

You must not understand copyright laws, or you do not do this for a living. This exact point was mentioned before, more than once, we were promised this would not happen, and it did, nonetheless. This is free advertising for a multi-million dollar corporation, breaking more than one German copyright law. The least a large corporation like Victorinox should do is compensate for the unlicensed usage. I am looking out for my colleagues here, since my work is not on there.

Thank you Diana and welcome back.

Thank you Diana, its not that i have a problem of copyright or anything like that, i was just wondering. Thank you again, and have a good Day

No worries. We've just gotten word that that the client will use the statements after the project ends. Either for the shortlisted or the winning designs. ;)

This project is like The Hunger Game! The more i checked & rated, the more hungry i am! Happy rating, everyone!

I feel you! Same when I was checking all ideas. :D

Hi everyone,

We are entering soon the last 24 hours of rating! If you haven’t rated yet, now is your last chance. And prepare yourself to get hungry in the process. There are many yummy designs to see.

All the best from Berlin,


Dear Creatives of the World,

The Rating Only period has just ended, and I’d like to first thank you ALL for the 662 ideas, 38150 ratings and 16400 comments! Wow! You’ve done such a great job. Now it is our turn to do rating monitoring (check for the fairness of the ratings) and award the first winners: the Community Awards.

But not just yet. We will announce the Community Awards in a month’s time together with the three shortlisted designs from the Chinese Crowdstorm. There will be more info coming up on this channel, so stay tuned, and always keep an eye on your inbox/email! ;)


Thank you Diana :) Can you share the Chinese URL with us so we can also have a look at their designs? :)

Sure. It is already shared in the brief text: Enjoy!!

Ah cool! Thank you Diana! :)

The Chinese site had just announced their Community Prizes. The Chinese site adopted a different ratings and prizing method compared here on our platform. And their judges had comments for each Community Prizes.

Thank you for your comment, Kah Khiong Lee. The jovoto and huaban platform are two different platforms, with their own way of doing things. That's why there are differences in the two projects, even though we will intersect ways very soon, with the three shortlisted designs from the Chinese Crowdstorm.

I've just stopped by on Chinese website. Indeed they have a lot of entries, but it looks like almost two third of them are using stock photo :( I think, Jovoto is still the best because the guide and community member here always remind us about 3rd party material, to unleash our maximal creativity. Thank to Diana, Jana and all here :)

Thank you! Looking at the huaban platform, they had more submissions! But, we had more variety types of food here at Jovoto, compared to them which had more food on their familiar Chinese Cuisine . Since i also doing the Chinese dish, i found quite a numerous design based on the same dish as mine. Since it is very competitive on both platforms, will their shortlisted designs affect the client's selections on our platform too?

Dear Lee, to pick up on the last part of your comment, as a general strategy the client will first and foremost focus on shortlisting designs that showcase food in a really appealing way. Within this premise, they will do their best to have a bit of everything in terms of variety of food and design approaches. They will pick the jovoto shortlisted designs independently from the Chinese designs. So you don't have to worry about your design not being considered because of that.

I hope this helps. Diana

Hi, Why are the works that won on Chinese site uploaded on Jovoto tho?

Good question, Fatima. It's to keep an overview and because the (max.) three which will join the Global Voting will be awarded here on jovoto for being shortlisted.

Cheers, Diana

Dear Victorinox Creatives,

Last week we’ve uploaded the top 10 designs from the Chinese Victorinox 2019 Limited Edition crowdstorm which took place on, as out of the ten designs the client will pick (max.) three to join the thirty jovoto designs in the Global Voting in October.

Here they are if you’ve missed them: Fine Noodles by Oya Fanfan, Dumplings by Z Ting, Chengdu by Wudi Anqi, Taoke by Wang Yekai, Watermelon by Zang Hang, Seafood Congee by Lin Jian, Mooncake by Zang Jungfeng, Rice Dumplings by Wu Ziy, Swiss Cheese by He Yinan, and Mushrooms by L Yamun. Congratulations! x10

All the best from Berlin,


Cool! And now the client has the agony of choice :) Good luck to all!

Nice roundup. I love them all!

Dear Victorinox “Food of the World” Creatives,

I am here today to CONGRATULATE together with you the community winners - as rated by you and after monitoring.

Community Prizes 9x:

place 1 Tacos al Pastor - Mexican Food by Luis Gutiérrez

This was the third idea submitted in this project. It goes to show that sometimes you can nail it right from the start. You did it, Luis!

place 2 Adventure Food, Swiss Alps by Pavlina_K

place 3 Popcorn by Angelo Ippoliti

place 4 Food from Greece by Vanja Paunovic

place 5 Fettuccine Alfredo by Tommaso Balladore

place 6 La Baguette by joanaf

place 7 English Breakfast by Bogdan Tanase-Marinescu

place 8 Purple Abundance by DariusDD

place 9 HoleCheeeeese! by Nelson Costa

Best Collaboration:

Coffee Brownies by Sapto Cahyono & Mochamad Arief

Congratulations to these two brothers who have managed to turn an idea that was off theme, together with the help of the community, into a winning idea. Bravo x2!

Best Feedback:

Davide Rino Rossi

There has been incredible helpful feedback throughout the entire submission phase. I have seen countless ideas growing, improving thanks to great feedback from fellow creatives. What an outstanding creative community! A special shout out goes to Davide Rino Rossi who was a constant helpful mind in all submissions and was also the most upvoted by you!

Thank you to absolutely everyone who has submitted, rated, upvoted and left feedback- this would not have been possible without you! Unfortunately you will still have to have a bit of patience for the shortlisted designs from the Chinese Crowdstorm. They will be announced together with the jovoto shortlisted designs which will enter the public voting in the beginning of October.

For those who have submitted ideas - keep an eye on your emails (incl. Spam) and jovoto inbox in September, as we might get in touch with you. Also make sure that your phone number is filled out, just in case.

That’s it for now. Congrats once more!! Diana

Congratulation to all the winners and all the creatives who have participated!

This was a big surprise for me! Thank you very much for the support!!! Big congratulations to all the winners and everyone who has submitted! :)

Ahahahah! I can't believe it! Super "Alfredoooooo"!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Jovoto community friends! A big hug from Italy

Congrats to all the winners!!!

woaoooo i'm very glad i wasn't expect it ..... congratsss everyone ;-===

Huge congrats!!! =D

Great job Creatives, amazing work!

Congratulations everybody :)

Big Congrats for all winners! :]]]]

Big congrats to all winners :)))

Congrats to all winners and participants with such great designs!!!

Wooow! I’m speechless!! Thanks a lot to all Jovotans for your Big support and Love, and also to Diana for your helpful guidance. ;)

Huge congratulations to all the winners, as always, this is the best challenge of the Year, It’s a pleasure being part of this great community, God bless you all. ;)

Congratulations to all winners!!

Big congrats to all the winners :)

Big congratulations to all the winners. Best wishes to all participants in client's prizes.

Congrats to All winners?

A big congratulations to all high ranked yummy food winners!

Congratulations to all of the community winners! Your designs are truly delicious! :)

Congrats to all winners! Great contest I love it!

congratulations to all winners!

BIG NEWS! The global voting for the Victorinox limited edition 2019 knives has started. Who made it into the public voting? And how can you cast your vote? Click HERE to find out.

Voting ends on the 18th of October 2018. And you might win one of the two Victorinox backpacks.

Congratulations to all winners!!!Amazing work!!!:D

Congrats to the chosen ones and may the best win! :)

Big congratulations to all the winners :)

Awesome! Oh, my... all of them deserve to be chosen. Big congrats! =D

Big congratulations to everyone and good luck!

Huge congratulations everyone! Good luck!

Big congratulations to all the shortlisted ideas! Best of luck!!!!!

Congrats to every participant! And double congrats to the shortlisted designs ;) Finger crossed! All choosen designs are beautiful!

Congrats everyone and good luck!!! :)

I stand by my mailbox the whole September, still, again no luck this year! To all the winners, the chosen one and community winners, congratulations! Well done! All the best! And double congratulations to those who had more than one prize!! Even more congratulations to those have more than one design been selected for the voting!!! Next year, new challenge & i excited! Looking forward to it!

Congratulations to all rewarded ideas!


The ten winning designs will be announced in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

Super! Did they already know?

They don't know, Mariya. We will all find out at the same time, including the ten winners. Exciting!

The winners will be announced on the Victorinox Facebook page on the 26th of October 2018. I am very very very excited!!! :D

Yup, tomorrow. ;)

Big congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants as well! Thank you all for the support!

Big congrats to all the winners! Well done :)


The wait is finally over!

The ten winning designs for the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2019 – “Food of the World" are:

Sardine Can by Marina Jötten

Let It Pop! by Angelo Ippoliti

Banana Split by Luis Gutiérrez

Alps Cheese by Ingo

Swiss Mountain Dinner by Pavlina

Gingerbread Love by Andra Dumitrasc

Burger Bar by Andrea García & Fernando Anciola

Mexican Tacos by Luis Gutiérrez

When Life Gives You Lemons by Andrei Armeanu

Chili Peppers by Sebastiano Balladore

The names are adjusted a bit for the limited edition. Congratulations to the 10 winners from jovoto and from Victorinox as well! This collection will be available as of May 2019. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this 8th Swiss Army challenge on jovoto. It was an immense pleasure!

All the best from Berlin,


Big congratulations to all!

Omg! I'm so excited! It's my first win, here, on jovoto. Thanks and congratulations to all of the winners and those who participated!

Congratulations to all the winning designs! I feel disappointed not to be selected after coming so close, but still immensely proud to have been chosen for the shortlist from over 2000 entries. Besides everything it's a really fun and unique challenge to design for something so small. I will be back next year for sure!

A great achievement regardless. ;)

Congrats to all the winners. And to all the participants. So much creativity!

Thank you very much we are so excited, I literally called Andrea at 4:30 in the morning to tell her the good news. This has been great!!!

Thanks for sharing that! :)

Big congratulations to all the winners :))

I'm so jealous! Congratulations to All Ten Winners!
I will keep trying and see all of your again next year!

Keep going. And see you next year.

A big applause to everyone, it was great competing in this contest :)

Wooow! First of all, Huge congrats to all the winners and all the participants, each idea submitted deserves a place into the Limited Edition, well done guys.

I have no words to express my gratitude and love for this Big brand (Victorinox) and also for Jovoto, It has been a great achievement in my life, Thanks a lot for believing in my work and making my dreams come true! ;)

God bless you all, see you the next year! Saludos desde México.

Dear Luis, apart from the other awards, two designs in one Victorinox limited edition is an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your creativity with us.


Dear Diana, I'm so glad and overjoyed for your kind words for my work, I would not have made it this far was it not for your great support and encouragements, your feedback will serve me as a source of inspiration to achieve even more, I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Thank you Jovoto!

Congratulations to the winners!!!