Washing for dummies
Function for beginners, children, students, men and all who don´t like to learn washing instructions


Very much people do not learn how to wash from their parents or so on. Also many people have no time for washing but need to. So this function scan the clothes and textiles with a camera scan (and if its possible the material with special sensores for optical, physical and chemical analyisis - a Mini Lab) and recognize in witch programm this textile have to wash. So the user can put the textile in the right basket (Cluster). When all textiles scanned the maschine propose the right programe with the first, the second or so on basket (Cluster). The user can choose the basket (Cluster) and clothe the door whit that the mashine starts. All the process can shown with a multimedia Animation on a seperate display. Controlled also with an App by your Smartphone with the statusinformation, timelines and alarm clock. No Mistake with washing the clothes :-) And mumi loves you for help. Update of the pics comming soon ...