Smart Washing Machine with Clothing Dispenser
All-in-one smart washing machine with clothing dispenser


Busy life, tiny apartment and a lot of work to do. On your free time the last thing you want to do is to wash that messy big pile of clothes you have on your dirty clothing dispenser. First you would have to sort and transport the clothes to your washing machine (if you have one at home). Then load and program the machine plus adding some right detergent. What if all of this could be automated? The all-in-one smart washing machine with clothing dispenser is joining the dirty clothes dispenser with the machine, separated by color. Each clothing dispenser has a limit warned on real time by the machine when it's full. It has also a detergent dispenser for each color. When the specific color dispenser gets full, the machine automatically starts the laundry service with your predefined program. So you don't need to think too much, just put all your dirty clothes on each dispenser and the machine do the job for you (get the clothes washed by color, chose the right detergent and dry. The smart machine is also connected with your smartphones and other devices, so you can receive stats, change the washing program by distance or even start to wash without reaching the level, if you have an urgency. The smart washing machine also gives you warnings to take of the clean ones to be able to start the next one.