Two become 1
Automated steps in the laundry cycle save time and free you from laundry-demand.


1) A hatch at the base of the washer opens and automatically drops clothes into the dryer—eliminating the hassle of transferring between the two units. 2) Entire detergent (softeners, bleach etc…) bottles are added to repositories within the washer and automatically dispensed into unit based on machine sensors—saving the measuring and dispensing step for each load. Smart alerts (IoT) are pushed to your device when levels are low. 3) Entire unit is ‘smart’. E.g. Load washer before leaving home for work. At lunch, (from connected smart app) select that you’ll be home at 17:15, that you want detergent and fabric softener included and unit starts the wash/dry cycle based on load sensors and cycle/water temperature selections. Running late? Use your smart device to inform the unit and the dryer can intermittently fluff clothes until you get home. At home doing laundry? App will send push notification that cycles are finished.