Little washer drum
I need to do an economic washed for some clothing item that i need urgently.


I often forget to wash some clothing item that i need for the next day, then i need that my washing machine has the possibility to use a micro quick washing. It means a little washer drum that i could put with a "clic" in to de big drum with its own washing punched pipe. Its permit you to do and economic and quick washed for emergencies.

Little and quick drum.

This small drum only offers a capacity for one or two pieces of clothing. I would like to replace an urgent hand washing of a garment and not have to put a half washing machine with the consequent job to hung up all the garment.

I have 3 small children and sometimes when I’m preparing the uniforms for school I realize that I forgot to wash a pants and I haven’t enough time to put a washing machine and it is late. For this case an urgent wash of 5 minutes would solve the problem. Equally when I want to go to the gym I realize that my sport pants are not clean. With this system I can have them ready in 10 minutes between washing and drying (in the dryer).

The washer should run in a special 5 minute mode. When I inserted the small drum in the washing machine it would detect the small kit and would open the entrance of direct water to the small drum. You could use a small doser for the soap, proportional to the garments or introduce a small plug with soap directly.

The energy expenditure would be short because is used in a short period of time and the water expenditure would be minimal.

On the other hand I haven’t thought about the development of this device in existing washing machines. I think it would be a good option if the user introduced himself two glasses of water and soap directly into the small drum. This option can harness the spinning cycle energies to rotate the drum. I don’t know how short a quick spining cycle can be so my washer machine is very old, but I suppose that can be shortened at the moment, this would limit the idea of the urgent washed, although it could develop a parallel idea.