Snowy owl - a smart wash system
Intelligent, driving laundry basket, automatic programs, laundry clip with climatic sensor plus app.


To make the laundry? I have nothing to do with it in 2067. I remember when the laundry was sorted and washing powder was measured. Only one person in the household usually had the knowledge and all the work. Running in the cellar to see if the laundry was ready, carrying the laundry basket effortlessly. Hanging up and down, ironing and cleaning up. "Snowy owl" has changed all. It fits well on the laundry. You can wash your clothes without special knowledge and effort. 1. Sorting: I throw my dirty clothes into the intelligent laundry basket. A sensor identifies color and material. Lights signalize me the right drum for dark/white/color. 2. Filling: I push one of the three drums directly into the washing machine. A sensor controls again the filling. Thus a blue trousers no longer provides for undesirable surprises. 3. Detergent Detection: A sensor measures the weight of the laundry being filled. The washing machine determines which detergent is required in which quantity. 4. Washing program: Choice between the automatic program or custom programs. Including a single program for little quantities. 5. Stain-off-box: Instead of cleaning the whole piece of clothing, I just clamp the stained part into a holder. In a few minutes the stain is removed and the cleaned area dried. 6. App-Info: My wash app informs me when the laundry is finished. 7. Self-driving butler: After the cleaning I click the drum back into the laundry basket and separate the other two drums. The laundry basket transports the wet, heavy load to the laundry trolley / laundry line inside or outside. The laundry basket is fitted with the laundry clamps and the clothes hangers. A further development of the intelligent laundry basket can handle stairs or can even fly. 8. App Info: One of the laundry clamps possess a climatic sensor. By the app I am warned, if rain is coming, and informed when the laundry is dry. Thanks, snowy owl!